14. 7. 2021

"Cold" novelty under our Barney’s brand

From the cold northern Norwegian waters of cod caught in the vicinity of the Lofoten Islands to the Northern Polar Circle, we bring you a luxurious, and especially healthy, delicacy - cod liver in its own oil. Without preservatives, high in Omega3 unsaturated fatty acids and very rich in vitamins A… read more

14. 7. 2021

Slices of rubbed dough

Slices of rubbed dough with cocoa coating, which are suitable for trips to school and work or at home, for example for breakfast, due to the fact that they are individually packaged. We have been selling these slices for a long time, but for great popularity we are now introducing them under our… read more

14. 7. 2021

Fine sponge rings

GOOOLS - fine sponge rings in an attractive package, which are in two tasty variants. You can enjoy rings with grated coconut or half-dipped in cocoa coating. read more

14. 7. 2021

New on the processed cheese market!

The market for processed cheeses is one of the largest in the world and their consumption is still at the forefront of our country. In addition to the already established Brick processed cheeses, blocks and cubes, we come with the original packaging in a tube with decorating star, with which you… read more

14. 7. 2021

Arla - world famous dairy products

Arla products have been present on the Czech market for many years. Already in the past, they have built a strong position in the market of dairy products of higher and premium quality. That is why we come to you with an offer of the world's best-rated brands of LURPAK butter and spreadable fats,… read more

14. 7. 2021

Viči fish products

Few people in the Czech Republic, but more and more, are starting to consume fish products. In the long run, there is a trend of canned products. In recent years, however, the consumption of fish products has increasingly shifted to fresh ones. One of them are our products sold under the VIČI brand… read more

14. 7. 2021

Biscuits Flora

Our continuation of the trend of offering healthy products. In addition to the notorious Flora brand margarines, we come to the market with biscuits from this brand. They are not made from palm oil, but instead contain sunflower oil. They are suitable for any consumption and also for vegetarians. read more

14. 7. 2021

Gluten-free soup balls

Due to the fact that we still monitor the sales development of our product categories, we also know trends in catering. In this hectic time, when we want to live healthy and as colorfully as possible, we come up with balls for soups. It is an extruded product suitable for diners requiring a gluten… read more

28. 6. 2021

Sweet hummus? Why not - the answer is just around the corner!

Do you like hummus spreads? And what would you say if you could enjoy it in the sweet version as well? We have a novelty just for you, which we will soon launch on the Czech market! These are Hummela brand products that are gluten-free and sweetened with honey. Are you already looking forward to… read more

6. 11. 2019

World trend named "Hummus"

Many of you have certainly noticed a new trend in healthy nutrition, which has become hummus recently. This is a light but nutritious spread made from chickpeas. Hummus contains a high proportion of proteins and fiber. That is why we are joining to this trend and now you can find these delicious… read more

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