23. 5. 2018

Roberto breads + Tramezzino

Since February you can enjoy the quality and ambient breads from Italian brand Roberto. Roberto breads are particularly distinguished by the high quality of raw materials used and the delicacy of pastries is guaranteed thanks to the use of olive oil. Also try the right Tramezzino to make your… read more

23. 5. 2018

VEPY mini

Did you enjoy VEPY - delicious pancakes without added sugar? Then we will delight you! We are introducing the novelty - MINI VEPY, in two flavours - spelled and potato. Products contain a high proportion of fibre and are therefore they are a convenient treat, for example, for people with controlled… read more

23. 5. 2018

Stamegna summit, Budapest

In March, we participated in the international Stamegna Summit held this year in Budapest. As part of our participation we met with selected European and world producers who introduced new products and current trends in production. read more

23. 5. 2018

ISM – international fair

At the end of January we went to Cologne to visit the international fair ISM where we presented our products at the Brick stand. See what stand looked like. read more

9. 8. 2017

Introducing the perfect spice mixture

Seasoning mix for demanding We imagine the perfect addition to your kitchen. Seasoning blend 4-in-1 is designed for those who love to cooks. We offer several different collections, each of which contains four of thematically oriented kind koření.Směs BBQ and contains spices suitable for grilling,… read more

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